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Revenue Budget and Service Plans 2023/24

This report seeks approval for the District Council's Service Plans and Revenue Budget for 2023/24 and updated Medium Term Financial Plan.


The Director of Resources introduced a report seeking approval for the District Council’s Service Plans, the Revenue budget for 2023/24 and the updated Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP).


Appendix 1 to the report set out revenue spending proposals for all of the Council’s services and activities. These were linked to the service plans for 2023/24. It was noted that the forecasts of revenue spending requirements included both the revenue financing costs and running/operating expenditure associated with the Capital Programme.


In addition to considering the spending proposals for the forthcoming year, it was noted that CIPFA’s Financial Management Code required the preparation of an MTFP. This showed the known changes in financial commitments for future years to ensure that the implications for future spending requirements could be identified in advance and included in the strategic planning process. An updated MTFP was provided in Appendix 4.


The report also covered the following topics:


·         Local Government Finance Settlement for 2023/24

·         Net Spending and Council Tax Requirement

·         Council Tax

·         Medium Term Financial plan (MTFP)

·         Reserves and Balances

·         Savings

·         Chief Finance Officer’s Statutory Report

·         Financial Management Code

·         Town / Parish Council Precepts

·         Pay Policy Statement

·         Options Considered and Recommended Proposals

·         Consultation


It was moved by Councillor Garry Purdy, seconded by Councillor Susan Hobson




1.    That the level of Derbyshire Dales District Council’s Council Tax (excluding parish requirements) for 2023/24 be increased by £6.58 per band D (2.94%) from the 2022/23 level, i.e. to £230.10 for Band D.


2.    That the estimated net revenue expenditure for 2023/24 totalling £13,667,041 as detailed in the Summary Revenue Account in Appendix 2, be approved.


3.    That the net revenue expenditure for 2022/23 (revised budget) totalling £11,854,818 as detailed in the Summary Revenue Account in Appendix 2, be approved.


4.    That, when identified after 31 March 2023, the actual under- or over-spend for 2022/23 be treated as follows:

-       Underspending – transfer to the general reserve;

-       Overspending – amounts taken from relevant reserves where appropriate, with balance from the general reserve.


5.    That the minimum level of uncommitted working balances be approved at £1,000,000 at 1st April 2023, and £1,000,000 at 1st April 2024.


6.    That the net sum of £1,464,926 be transferred from strategic reserves in 2023/24, as shown in Appendix 2 and detailed in Appendix 5.


7.    That the net sum of £2,333,002 be transferred to strategic reserves in 2022/23 (revised budget), as shown in Appendix 2 and detailed in Appendix 5.


8.    That the following amounts be calculated by the Council for the chargeable financial year 2022/23 in accordance with Section 31A of the Localism Act 2011:-

i.              Aggregate of the amounts which the Council estimated for the items set out in Section 31A(2)(a) to (f) thereof is £34,407,190;

ii.             Aggregate of the amounts which the Council estimated for the items set out in Section 31A(3)(a) to (d) thereof is £25,383,396;

iii.            Calculation under Section 31A(4) being the amount of which the aggregate at (i) above exceeds the aggregate of (ii) above, as the Council Tax Requirement for 2023/24 is £9,023,794.


9.    That the updated Medium Term Financial Plan, shown in Appendix 4, be approved.


10.  That service reductions to achieve the Corporate Savings Target “Continue a programme to identify efficiency savings and/or additional income of £286,000 a year by 2024/25” and that savings for 2025/26 and beyond be put on hold pending the outcome of the government reviews of Council funding.


11.  That the Director of Resources’ report on the robustness of the budget and the adequacy of reserves in accordance with clause 25 of the Local Government Act 2003 be noted.


12.  That Council adopts the Pay Policy Statement for 2023/24, set out in Appendix 9 to this report.


13.  That the Derbyshire Dales District Council Service Plans (as set out in Appendix 10) are approved.


Statutory legislation required a recorded vote in respect of the Revenue Budget in accordance with rule of procedure 19e


The recorded vote was as follows:


For:               24 Councillors: Jacqueline Allison, Robert Archer, Matt Buckler, Sue Bull, Martin Burfoot, Sue Burfoot, Neil Buttle, David Chapman, Tom Donnelly, Helen Froggatt, Chris Furness, Dawn Greatorex, Alyson Hill, Susan Hobson, David Hughes, Stuart Lees, Tony Morley, Garry Purdy, Mike Ratcliffe, Andrew Shirley, Peter Slack, Andrew Statham, Steve Wain and Mark Wakeman.


Against:         2 Councillors: Clare Gamble and Colin Swindell.


Abstention:   0 Councillors


The Chairman declared the motion CARRIED.

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