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Leaders' Announcements

Announcements of the Leader of the Council.


Councillor Garry Purdy, Leader of the Council, made the following statement:


“Members, we have a Star in our midst.


No, it’s not me – It is Tommy Shaw!


Tommy was recently awarded the Rookie of the Year 2022 Award for the Association of Democratic Services (ADSO). ADSO is the nationally recognised Association for those working in local authority democratic and governance services, which represents, promotes and develops excellent democratic services for the benefit of all those working within local government.


Tommy joined the Council the Council in 2021 on a temporary contract to support the Elections Team and has developed quickly. Following the restructure of Democratic Services last year, he was appointed as Democratic Services Team Leader.


Tommy, there are many more words on this paper kindly supplied by James, and he has given me permission to hand it over to you for posterity.

It is with great pleasure that I ask you to come forward for a presentation and a photograph by Jim Fearn, and I am sure that Members will join with me in congratulating you on this excellent achievement.


And now – Ye of Little Faith:


Is it strange that many others such as Chief Execs and Senior Officers have complete faith in the Leadership at this Authority which can be testified to in many areas such as Vision Derbyshire, other Local Authorities and Outside Bodies.

First, let me remind you what the Independent Peer challenge Review Report said in October 2019 about our Authority.


DDDC is credited with being an effective leader of the district by partners who attest to the authority being a good partner to work with which makes positive contributions to collaboration. Relationships with partner organisations to promote the district are strong and the council is actively looking to work more closely with other districts.


And now, Ministers in Government have recognised the Leadership qualities at this Authority and the Community Teamwork completed on Ashbourne Reborn by the granting of the first and largest grant of monies that this rural Authority has achieved in the sum of £13.5 million from the Levelling Up Fund provided by Government, and made up to £15 million by match funding.


If it had not been for my Leadership in 2019 after my Councillors in Ashbourne, especially Cllr Stuart Lees related to me the concern of the Traders in Ashbourne regarding the loss of High Street shops we would not be celebrating this fanatic win!

And if you don’t want to believe me than speak to the Key Stakeholders in Ashbourne.


I wish to place on record my sincere thanks and congratulations to the Ashbourne Reborn Team which consisted of Officers from this Authority, like Paul, Steve and Giles, Officers from Derbyshire County Council, the significant amount of money support from both Authorities, but also Members of Ashbourne Town Team, especially Anne Wright and Norman Harris, Ashbourne Town Council, ASHCOM, and Ashbourne Methodist Church.


The bid has been supported by the District Council’s expert consultant Michael Rich, Bentley Project Management, and Lathams Architects.


The successful bid was achieved by Community Teamwork and is a prime example to our other Market Towns and large villages in Derbyshire Dales as to what can be achieved when the community comes together.


Please note that a Third Tranche of LUF monies is expected to be announced soon by Government and I would hope that we can submit another bid.”