Committee details

Licensing & Appeals Sub-Committee

Purpose of committee

1. In Terms of the Licensing Act 2003 and the Gambling Act 2005 to determine all applications in the following categories where representations have been received,or where objections from the Police/Commission have been made:


• Personal Licence

• Premises Licence/Club Premises Certificate

• Provisional Statement

• Variation of designated personal licence holder

• Transfer of Premises Licence

• Application for interim authority

• Variation of a Premises Licence


2. To determine all matters in the following categories


• Personal Licence with unspent convictions

• Review Premises Licence/Club Premises Certificate

• Decision to object when Local Authority is a consultee and not the relevant Authority considering the application

• Police or Environmental Health objection to a temporary event notice

• Cancellation of club gaming/club machine permits

• Counter notice to a temporary use notice


3. Employment Appeals


• To consider appeals against dismissal and as the Final Stage in the District Council’s Grievance Policy.

• To consider initial reports concerning allegations against a Statutory Chief Officer brought on the designated Receiving Officer

• To agree having received the initial report of the Receiving Officer whether suspension, working from home and some other arrangement is appropriate

• To agree other appropriate action in relation to the matters raised by the Receiving Officer to include mediation, reconciliation or mutual termination of conduct – subject to Council’s satisfaction.


4. TPO and Miscellaneous Appeals


• Determination of Appeals.