Register of Interests

The register of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests contains information on District Councillors in relation to their individual interests.

Under Sections 30(3) and 235(2) of the Localism Act 2011, Councillors, are required to register their Disclosable Pecuniary Interests in the Register maintained by the Monitoring Officer of this Council. The Act also requires that a copy of interests is to be published online.

On this page you can view the register of interests entry for the District's 34 Councillors by clicking on thier name in the list below.

Councillor Robert Archer

Councillor Anthony Bates

Councillor John Bointon

Councillor Geoff Bond

Councillor Kelda Boothroyd

Councillor Matt Buckler

Councillor Martin Burfoot

Councillor Sue Burfoot

Councillor David Burton

Councillor Neil Buttle

Councillor David Chapman

Councillor Peter Dobbs

Councillor Nigel Norman Edwards-Walker

Councillor Steve Flitter

Councillor Marilyn Franks

Councillor Gareth Gee

Councillor Dawn Greatorex

Councillor Susan Hobson

Councillor David Hughes

Councillor Stuart Lees

Councillor Joanne Linthwaite

Councillor Laura Mellstrom

Councillor Dermot Murphy

Councillor Andy Nash

Councillor Peter O'Brien

Councillor Lucy Peacock

Councillor Simon Ripton

Councillor Roger Shelley

Councillor Peter Slack

Councillor Steve Wain

Councillor Mark Wakeman

Councillor Nick Whitehead

Councillor Nick Wilson